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Providing a multi-award winning MFL curriculum for Primary Schools. Designed for both non-specialist and specialist teachers.

Available in French and Spanish.

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Our mission is to empower Primary School teachers to deliver high-quality foreign language lessons in a fun and functional way that enables all types of learners to succeed in all aspects of communicating in another language.


Designed by experts, rigorously tested. The course is proven to produce pupil attainment above and beyond Ofsted expectations.


Everything you need on one accessible platform. No jargon, only clear and structured lessons and resources that allow the teacher to follow the progression intuitively.

fun and functional

When languages are exciting, children thrive! A child-centred, teacher friendly programme that is attractive, colourful, humourous and dynamic. 

fully supported

You're always connected to expert MFL help with our online service portal, which offers email support, live CPD webinars and video training.

world class resources

Detailed and comprehensive lesson plans designed for all teachers. A treasure trove of delightful learning activities to bring to your classroom.

CLEAR differentiation

The course resources are fully differentiated to cater for children of all abilities and learning styles, enabling young language learners to progress at their own speed.

An unparalLeled curriculum

12 modules of foundational language for primary and elementary schools that has been carefully crafted to enable students to attain an exceptionally high standard of foreign language acquisition.

teacher-friendly assessments

Easy-to-use assessments that assume no prior knowledge of French or Spanish. Both specialists and non-specialists are able to accurately assess their students' performances with the clear, easy-to-follow assessment criteria for all 4 skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

guaranteed PROGRESSION

Students develop confidence in their linguistic abilities and are more than ready for secondary or middle school foreign language studies by the end of the primary course. In fact, secondary schools can benefit from the programme too!

Our resources are used in 40+ countries worldwide

“A fun, colourful and exciting way of learning French that all of my children enjoy. I am able to teach the language confidently and accurately. The resources are clear, detailed and appealing for the children. They are really easy to use and understand and match the learning outcomes perfectly. Plans are very easy to follow. I would recommend this programme to any school.”
C. MacInnes

Year 6 Teacher 

"Brilliant! The Language Magnet course and the support are excellent. Two years ago French was rarely taught across the school. Now it is taught weekly and it is taught well. We teach French from nursery to Year 6. Staff confidence in teaching French has increased greatly and it's all thanks to the scheme."
L. Wright

MFL Co-ordinator

"An engaging, interactive and progressive programme that enables all children to achieve their potential when speaking, reading, listening to and writing a modern foreign language. Resources are pitched well to each year group and the layout of the modules allows children the chance to practise earlier skills and embed them in many different ways. Our school is reaping the benefits of this exciting course and pupils have a heightened enthusiasm for French." 
C. Fletcher

MFL Co-ordinator

“The ‘Language Magnet’ programme is a fantastic scheme of work which provides all teachers with the capacity to teach a modern foreign language to a very high standard, regardless of their previous experiences and knowledge of the subject. I would highly recommend the programme to all primary schools looking for an effective scheme that will both highly motivate and demonstrate outstanding progress of pupils’ understanding of language.” 
G. Hawkins

Year 6 Teacher 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, they are identical courses.

The course is designed to use 1 module per term or per 12 weeks. Therefore, 3 modules per year is ideal. However, the modules are flexible to suit the pace of each cohort and ability level. Teachers may start their class where they feel is most appropriate in the course, but most will benefit from starting from Module 1, even if their students have previously learned aspects of the language. Students can be fast-tracked if they have sufficient prior knowledge of the language. 

Yes. Each presentation has accompanying audio with the text in both the French and the Spanish courses. The Spanish audio is Castilian Spanish, the standard form of European Spanish.

Yes. Every lesson has a detailed and easy-to-follow lesson plan, which fully supports non-specialist teachers. The lessons are also suitable for specialist language teachers, who may want to add other elements of language to the course.

The current version of the course is best suited to primary/elementary schools and lower years in secondary/high schools as a foundational course for higher French and Spanish study. It is also suitable for SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools.

The course is fully differentiated to support all ability levels. Students make significant progression each module, which is measured with clearly defined assessments and assessment criteria for marking. Students can also track their own progression through the course with self-assessment pupil trackers. The "expected achievement" level of the course is proven to enable pupils to reach a standard equivalent to halfway through current Year 8 (UK) or 7th Grade (USA) level of MFL education, if all the modules are completed.

Yes. Every module has at least two assessments out of the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Assessment is fully supported with easy-to-follow assessment criteria, marking schemes and detailed lesson plans.

Not at all! The course is designed for both non-specialist and specialist language teachers to confidently deliver each lesson. All the vocabulary and grammar is fully explained and pronunciation support is embedded throughout the programme. Detailed lesson plans provide teachers with the MFL delivery techniques for each activity, ensuring confidence with how to use the resources effectively. Further support is also available on the portal, in the form of live webinars, recorded training videos and full email support.

Primary French Course


  • Full French curriculum
  • Extra curricular bonuses
  • Regular Live CPD Webinars
  • On-hand specialist support

No obligation 

Primary Spanish Course


  • Full Spanish curriculum
  • Extra curricular bonuses
  • Regular Live CPD Webinars
  • On-hand specialist support

No obligation 

Primary French & Spanish Course


  • Full French + Spanish curricula
  • Extra curricular bonuses
  • Regular Live CPD Webinars
  • On-hand specialist support

No obligation 

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