Course Curriculum Overview

The Language Magnet French and Spanish courses are each comprised of 12 modules of carefully crafted topics and language that reflect the pupil's personal experience, putting the child at the heart of their language learning journey.

Each module is made up of sub-topics that build on each other, recycling and developing the language structures from previous modules, to deliver a unique and well designed course that shows high level of progression with both language and grammar.

The Course overview for both French and Spanish is:

Module 1: Personal Information
Numbers to 12
My Name and Age
My Country and My Language

Module 2: Everyday Objects
My Everyday Objects
Days of the Week
Numbers 13 to 20
Time (on the hour)

Module 3: Family and Pets
My Family
My Brothers and Sisters
My Pets
My Family and My Life

Module 4: Time and Weather
The Alphabet
Numbers 21 to 40
The Weather and Seasons

Module 5: The Classroom
My Schoolbag
My Classroom
My Friends
My Opinions

Module 6: Home and Transport
My House/My Flat
My Transport
My French/Spanish World

Module 7: Clothes
Numbers 41 to 60
Describing Myself
My Clothes
My School Uniform

Module 8: Health and Food
My Bedroom
My Body
My Health
My Food and Drink

Module 9: Shops and Town
The Shops
My Town
My Park
Describing Places and Things

Module 10: Sports and Hobbies
Numbers 61 to 100
Describing Others
My Sports
My Hobbies and Interests

Module 11: School
My School Subjects
My Teachers
My School Life
My Secondary School

Module 12: Holidays
My Holidays (this year)
My Holidays (last year)
My Life

Other features of the course:

  • Detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans 
  • Easy-to-use presentations
  • Full pronunciation sound files 
  • Differentiated activity sheets and resources 
  • Fun and engaging graphics 
  • A colour-coded grammar system 
  • An independent learning series 
  • Games, puzzles and quizzes
  • Songs and raps 
  • Printable flashcards and display cards 
  • Easy-to-use assessment 
  • Student progress monitoring 
  • Full CPD support