Continuing Professional Development

At Language Magnet we understand how daunting it can be for a non-specialist foreign language teacher to deliver a subject that is unfamiliar and how challenging it is to provide support and guidance to pupils whilst feeling overstretched and under-prepared. This is a common experience for many primary school teachers who want to be able to deliver French or Spanish with the same confidence with which they deliver English, Maths, Science and other foundation subjects.

A key Language Magnet principle is that anyone can teach a foreign language provided they have excellent resources and full support. We believe in fully equipping teachers with the necessary know-how to teach languages effectively. Although we are not trying to turn every teacher into a passionate linguist, we do believe that foreign language teaching is an area of CPD that can be particularly beneficial and satisfying for non-specialist language teachers. Our CPD training offers onboarding and ongoing coaching through live and recorded webinars, accompanying pdf notes, module guidance notes and email support. No question is too silly and no person is beyond learning how to teach French and Spanish with our robust and carefully designed resources and support.

Our live CPD webinar coaching for all teachers is provided monthly and is an opportunity to develop confidence with the target language, the Language Magnet modules and general MFL delivery skills. Teachers have full control over their own CPD with our easy self-booking system and all webinars are available for replay to suit busy schedules. Being able to ask questions directly to an expert is just one of the many benefits of joining in with the live MFL coaching classes.

CPD is at the heart of the Language Magnet portal, which intuitively leads the teacher through the French or Spanish course, providing detailed lesson plans with step-by-step language development. The natural flow of the lesson resources incorporate CPD into the course itself, demonstrating grammar points and language structures clearly and effectively, enabling both pupils and non-specialist language teachers to thrive with their foreign language learning. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing a once feared subject to become a highlight of the week as both teachers and pupils discover the joy of learning foreign language.