The key to any successful course is how well it caters for the needs of the students and how well every teacher is supported to deliver the course confidently. Language Magnet always puts the learner and the non-specialist teacher at the heart of everything we provide. Differentiation is embedded throughout the course to cater for all ability levels, referred to as "emerging", "expected" and "exceeding" in all four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and teachers are fully supported with how to deliver differentiated resources and activities within the lessons.

Activity sheets are frequently differentiated into two or three levels of challenge and many of the presentations and lesson plans provide alternative levels of language teaching. Our carefully crafted scheme of work for both French and Spanish recycles vocabulary and language structures, working them into new topics and allowing for extension and creativity, which enables the teacher to easily revise previously learnt language and provide differentiation for pupils who may have missed previous topics. 

Assessments are also differentiated by varying degrees of support to enable those pupils that need full support to feel as confident as those pupils who are ready to work from memory or with minimal support. Our unique Colour Coded Grammar System supports differentiation in assessment resources as well as being baked into the entire programme to enable pupils and teachers to capitalise on cross-curricular grammar learning with English or other latin based languages.

The Assessment Criteria are easy to use and clearly set out the degrees of differentiation in pupil outcomes, enabling all teachers to easily identify the level each student is working at for listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language. Full support is also provided with live and recorded webinar CPD coaching to empower even the most inexperienced of teachers to be able to assess all pupils confidently.

The positive and supportive resources that Language Magnet has built into the lesson activities and assessments means that pupils always feel proud of what they achieve. Whether pupils or teachers have had previous language experience or none at all, the Language Magnet French and Spanish courses offer sufficient support, stretch and challenge for all pupils and support every language teacher, whether specialist or non-specialist.