The Language Magnet MFL Programme

 Unique features of the Language Magnet Primary MFL Scheme of Work
  • 12 modules of functional and progressive foreign language for KS2.

  • High quality presentations and resources for listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

  • Detailed lesson plans that are designed for the non-specialist primary MFL teacher. 

  • Full audio support in all presentations to ensure accurate pronunciation.

  • Fully differentiated activity sheets, supporting SEN and EAL pupils.

  • Unique QR code audio sheets for independent learning with mobile devices.

  • A specially designed grammar colour coded system that supports both MFL and English.

  • Original and engaging graphics that have an inclusive ethos, reflecting the multicultural nature of schools, equality of gender and physical disabilities.

  • Unique pupil self-assessment sheets that track the language structures.

  • Progressive, easy-to-use assessment criteria designed for non-specialist MFL teachers.

  • Class assessment summary sheet for each skill area.

  • Data collection sheet to show KS2 MFL progression.

  • KS1 resources and assessments that feed directly into the KS2 programme.

  • A flexible scheme of work that supports personal teaching styles and ideas, and the use of ICT and other available MFL materials.

  • Personal, flexible, online video coaching to support non-specialists in MFL and develop CPD.

  • A supportive website offering additional resources.

The Language Magnet Scheme of Work​
Primary French and Spanish Scheme of Work for KS2

        Module 1  


Numbers 0 - 12


My Name and Age

My Country and My Language

        Module 4  

The Alphabet                 

Numbers 21 - 40



The Weather and Seasons

Module 2  

My Everyday Objects              Days of the Week

Numbers 13 - 20

Time (Hours)

Module 3  

My Family                 

My Brothers and Sisters

My Pets

My Family and My Life

Module 5  

My Schoolbag                 

My Classroom

My Friends

My Opinions

Module 6  

My House/My Flat                

My Transport

My French World

Module 7                  

Numbers 41 - 60

Describing Myself

My Clothes

My School Uniform

Module 10                   

Numbers 61 - 100

Describing Others

My Sports

My Hobbies and Interests

Module 8  

My Bedroom                 

My Body

My Health

My Food and Drink

Module 9

The Shops                 

My Town

My Park

Describing Places and Things

Module 11  

My School Subjects                

My Teachers

My School Life

My Secondary School

Module 12  

My Holidays (This Year)           

My Holidays (Last Year)

My Life (Project)