This fun Spanish transport opinion board game helps pupils to develop their ability to express basic opinions whilst embedding their recall of transport vocabulary. There are two versions of the transport opinions board game, providing access for both higher and lower ability pupils. The simpler version uses two opinion phrases and singular transport nouns. The advanced version enables pupils to practise both singular and plural transport nouns and provides differentiation for more able pupils to use a wider range of opinion phrases.


The game is provided with easy-to-follow rules and includes vocabulary and phrase explanations and examples, making it accessible for non-specialist language teachers as well as specialists. Further support with pronunciation of the Spanish transport vocabulary can be found in my shop via the Transport Vocabulary Audio Sheet.


The teacher needs to provide counters and dice for this game.


Instant printable pdf download
A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches)


1 printable Spanish Transport Opinions Board Game, comprising of 2 versions of the game
1 printable Spanish Transport Opinions Board Game Rules


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I hope you enjoy using this resource with your pupils and appreciate the quality and uniqueness of my work. If you like this resource, please  visit my shop for more quality language products and full schemes of work


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Terms of Use
This printable download is for use with the teacher’s own classes only.
The purchasing teacher may photocopy the games boards as many times as is appropriate for use with own pupils.
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Spanish Transport Opinions Board Game