This fun Spanish colours presentation comprises of 19 colourful slides with full audio support, ideal for non-specialist MFL teachers as well as specialists. The presentation shows all 11 basic colours and combinations of the colours to extend pupil learning.


The Spanish colours learning or revision vocabulary sheet compliments the presentation visually and includes an audio QR code for independent learning for use both at school or at home. This vocabulary sheet is ideal for KS2 up to KS3 Year 7 (ages 7 to 12). The audio can easily be scanned by a mobile device using a free QR code reader, downloaded from an app store. The Spanish pronunciation is also provided phonetically.


A fun splat colouring activity sheet in Spanish is also included, which allows the pupils to embed their learning of the Spanish colours and demonstrate their knowledge. 


A colourful splat sheet allows teachers to assess pupils' vocabulary recall, speaking and pronunciation abilitites. 


These resources allow the teacher to differentiate and extend learning and are suitable for all learners, including pupils with Special Educational Needs and English as a Second Language.



* Audio presentation in ppsx format
* Instant printable download in pdf format
* A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches)

* Zipped file

* File size 13 MB

* Audio files are in Castilian Spanish, the standard form of European




* 1 Spanish colours audio presentation
* 1 printable Spanish colours vocabulary sheet with audio QR code
* 1 printable splat colouring activity sheet
* 1 printable "colours only" flashcard for assessing learning


Be sure that you have an application to open the file types and sufficient memory space to download before purchasing.


Terms of Use

The Spanish Colours presentation and printable downloads are for the teacher's own class use only.

Teachers may photocopy the sheets for use with own pupils as many times as is appropriate for their own classes. 
The presentation and pdf files may not be uploaded onto any internet website or school intranet server.

The original downloads or photocopied sheets may not be resold commercially or redistributed.

Spanish Colours Presentation, Audio Sheet and Activity Sheet