Spanish Birthdays
This Spanish Birthday resource enables pupils to talk about when their birthday is and to develop the language structure into a basic conversation about their name, age and birthday in a role-play. It comes complete with an interactive presentation, activity sheet and role-play.


The presentation allows the teacher and pupils to hear the language being spoken, modelling how to ask and answer the question “Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?” The presentation provides an example for each month of the year with fun characters. The teacher has the option to play the sound file before or after the pupils, enabling pupils to develop their memory and speaking skills. The presentation builds on the language structure by demonstrating a basic name, age and birthday self introduction and then a “happy birthday” role-play. The last slide provides the words (not the music) for the Spanish version of “Happy birthday to you”.


The example speaking and listening activity sheet allows pupils to practise the new language structures by speaking in pairs. It provides pupils with an example to either use or adapt to give their own information. The questions enable pupils to revise how to say their name and their age, as well as how to say when their birthday is.


The writing activity sheet gives pupils the opportunity to practise writing out their self introduction and to state when their birthday is. The example speaking and listening activity sheet acts as a model for the language structures to support less confident students.


The role-play helps pupils apply the learned language to a peer to peer conversation, which is modelled in the presentation. By encouraging pupils to use the new language structures in a fun and creative way, they will develop more confidence with speaking and listening in Spanish.


Instant Powerpoint download in ppsx format
Instant printable downloads A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches) in PDF format


1 ppsx download Spanish Birthdays 33.5MB, including sound files
1 printable example speaking and listening activity sheet
1 printable writing activity sheet
1 printable role-play sheet


I hope you enjoy using this resource with your pupils and appreciate the quality and uniqueness of my work. If you like this resource, please visit my shop for more quality products and for the complete Primary Spanish Course.


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Terms of Use
This Powerpoint presentation and the printable downloads are for use with the teacher’s own classes only and cannot be used by other teachers for other classes. 

The original downloads and photocopied sheets may not be resold commercially or redistributed.

Spanish Birthdays