French Weather
This French Weather resource provides KS2 and KS3 pupils with easy-to-remember weather phrases, with a colourful presentation, display cards, activity sheet and playing cards.


The presentation demonstrates the pronunciation for each weather phrase and allows teachers to assess how many of the phrases the pupils have retained. The colour grammar code helps pupils understand the different types of weather phrases from a grammatical perspective, if that suits their learning style, by identifying the nouns, adjectives and verbs in different colours.


The presentation is accompanied by an audio vocabulary sheet that enables independent learning and easy revision, along with a written activity sheet to embed the weather phrases.


This resource also provides a set of weather picture playing cards, both with and without the written vocabulary, which enables pupils to play matching, pairs and snap verbal games to develop pronunciation and confidence with speaking.


Instant Powerpoint download in ppsx format
Instant printable downloads A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches) in PDF format


1 ppsx download French Weather presentation 8.1MB, including sound files
1 printable set of 12 Weather colour display cards
1 printable vocabulary sheet with an audio QR code
1 printable writing activity sheet
1 printable set of Weather playing cards


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Terms of Use
This Powerpoint presentation and the printable downloads are for use with the teacher’s own classes only and cannot be used by other teachers for other classes.


The original downloads and photocopied sheets may not be resold commercially or redistributed.

French Weather