This French pets presentation is a simple and fun introduction to 10 pets and is ideal for both KS1 (ages 5 to 7) or KS2 (ages 7 to 11). The presentation in provided with full audio support for easy use by the non-specialist language teacher as well as an MFL specialist.


The first 10 slides in the presentation introduce the pets in French and the vocabulary is colour coded in blue and red to show the difference between masculine and feminine nouns. This is followed by a summary slide, which shows the vocabulary and then the pictures on each click, allowing the teacher to assess how well pupils can recall the French pet words.


An extra two slides allow the teacher and pupils to extend the pet vocabulary to say a simple sentence about what pet you have. An example is provided, Qui a un chien? (Who has a dog?) J’ai un chien

(I have a dog) followed by a slide showing the question and all the pets. The pictures can be removed to build in more challenge.


The presentation also comes with 10 pet display cards and a title card, which can also be laminated and used as physical flashcards for games and speaking activities in the classroom.


Instant Powerpoint download in ppsx format
Instant printable pdf download, A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches)


1 ppsx download 7.7 MB with full audio support
1 printable set of French Pet Display Cards, comprising of 10 pets and 1 title card


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I hope you enjoy using this resource with your pupils and appreciate the quality and uniqueness of my work. If you like this resource please visit my shop for more quality language products.


Many thanks for your support.


Terms of Use
This Powerpoint presentation and the printable downloads are for use with the teacher’s own classes only and cannot be used by other teachers for other classes. Please email me if you would like a multiple use licence.


The original downloads and display cards may not be resold commercially or redistributed.

French Pets Presentation with Display Cards