This set of French pets activity sheets enables pupils to embed their learning of pet vocabulary and develop simple sentences to talk about what pets they have. They are suitable for KS2 beginner French from age 7 to 11. The activity sheets come with support sheets, to enable lower ability pupils to access the activities, and they also provide enough differentiation for each task, to challenge more able pupils.


Activity sheet 1 enables pupils to identify the pet names in French and write a simple answer to the question "Qu’est-ce que c’est?" (What is it?). This reinforces the use of "un" and "une" for French masculine and feminine nouns. Two spelling lists are provided for support, one with the pictures and one without, to differentiate learning.


Activity sheet 2 enables pupils to write simple sentences about what pets they have, using the examples for practice and then providing their own answers. A support sheet is provided.


Activity sheet 3 models how to introduce yourself and describe your pets. There are two versions to cater for different abilities. Pupils write a simple paragraph about themselves and their pets.


These activity sheets can also be used for speaking and listening practice.


Instant printable pdf downloads, A4 size (210 x 297mm)(8.26 x 11.69 inches)


3 sets of printable French Pets activity sheets and support sheets, comprising of 7 pages in total.


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I hope you enjoy using this resource with your pupils and appreciate the quality and uniqueness of my work. Please note that a correlated presentation for introducing pets in French, with full audio support, is also available in my shop.


Many thanks for your support.


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French Pets Activity Sheets