Language Magnet provides a multi award-winning, inspiring and

easy-to-follow, French and Spanish course for Primary Schools,

with all the resources available to deliver high quality and engaging

lessons for both pupils and teachers.

Language Magnet also offers easily accessible, personalised, online language coaching, empowering non-specialist primary language teachers to deliver expert lessons with confidence and fun. 

Language Magnet is a unique language service, attracting 

Primary Schools that want to solve the problem of providing

foreign language at a professional standard to pupils of

different learning styles and abilities whilst being delivered

by non-specialists.

A full 4 year unique French or Spanish course consisting of 12 modules designed for the

non-specialist teacher.


High quality, unique presentations, 

differentiated activity sheets, games, resource cards, quizzes, songs and stories.


Language assessments for each module covering all the 4 skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Flexible, personalised language coaching individually tailored for each member of staff.

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