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Ofsted said it! .... and so did the teachers!

One of the schools using the Language Magnet Programme received some fabulous feedback from Ofsted, who stated in their report:

“Some good work has been done to extend the range of subjects provided. Pupils enjoy their weekly French lessons........In subjects other than reading, writing and mathematics, the best progress is made in PE and Modern Foreign Languages.”

According to the MFL Coordinator, the Ofsted Inspector also commented that MFL had come out as a strength for their school and that there is more evidence of progression seen in their books than in other schools, including those deemed as good or outstanding, where MFL is often rated as “not good enough”.

So what is the magic that is making the difference for this school, where the teachers are not language specialists? The answer: the combination of fun, simplicity, outstanding resources and personalised coaching. It is a formula that is producing remarkable results.

A year 5 teacher, who lacked confidence with teaching MFL prior to using the Language Magnet Scheme of Work, said today, “I have never had children pick up French like these children are. There’s something about this programme that means they are able to pick it up easily.”

A Year 3 teacher also said today how their SEN children are able to support other children with pronunciation when they do French role-plays and a Year 1 teacher stated that her lower ability pupils can speak French as well as the more able pupils.

Feedback from pupils and teachers is always wonderful to hear, but today’s thumbs up from Ofsted was particularly fabulous. Thank you to all the dedicated teachers, who are making Language Magnet such a success!

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