• Diana

The Language of Love

Learning a foreign language is not just about learning to speak in another tongue, it’s about developing openness and tolerance of other cultures and beliefs. Teaching children to speak another language develops an attitude of acceptance and interconnectedness that is deep within all of us, yet so often covered over by social conditioning. Learning a foreign language from a young age nurtures understanding of the beautiful, kaleidoscopic world of perspectives that transcends our limiting beliefs and boundaries, inherently defined by our mother tongue. Love, friendship, faith and harmony are intrinsic qualities of language learning and the vehicle for connectedness to other nations.

These qualities, however, are not just linguistic attributes, they are human qualities that need nurturing, encouraging and sharing. What better way to help our children, our future leaders and decision makers, than to equip them with the language skills they need to build the bridges that will open up the world to them and to our nation.

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