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It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback about how pupils are doing with the Language Magnet programme in the Primary Schools. However, it was particularly wonderful to hear a Y3 teacher, who’s child was a pupil at her own school last year, tell me that her daughter had just received an outstanding award for French at Secondary School. All credit to the Secondary School MFL department, who I know personally are brilliant, but I also know that they had a solid foundation to work with as this child had excelled in French at Primary School because of her enjoyment of the subject. This is yet more encouragement and evidence that pupils learning languages, that are taught well at Primary School, can have a huge impact on a child’s self-confidence and attainment in foreign languages at Secondary School. The remarkable part of the story is that this outstanding child was, in fact, taught by non-specialist teachers! Proof that the Language Magnet coaching works and is producing amazing results in Primary Schools.

(Photo: Language Magnet coaching with Primary MFL Coordinator)

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