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The Buzz Word

The pupils were "buzzing", according to two teachers at their coaching session

today, but what was striking to me was that the teachers were "buzzing" too.

So what was causing the "buzz"? What was causing pupils to give a resounding "YES" when they found out that they had some homework? What was causing a Year 5 Latvian boy, who struggles to engage with many subjects, to suddenly be so attentive and vocal? What was enabling a Year 1 child, who needs support with subjects in general, to be the first to respond to questions? What was causing the pupils to share what they had learned at school with their parents?

The answer..... the "buzz" was the high vibration that comes from having fun.

The pupils and teachers had experienced that learning and teaching French is fun. The rise in the teachers' self-confidence and self-belief in just one month was amazing and it was a privilege to discover how their foreign language teaching was impacting all year groups. The "buzz" was evidence that anyone can learn a foreign language when it is fun.

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