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Enjoyment builds confidence

I received a lovely email today from one of my MFL Co-ordinators telling me about the impact Language Magnet is having on their school. She wrote,

"After leading a French assembly on Thursday morning whereby every year group in school shared something they have learned in French this year, I was totally amazed and impressed by the amount of understanding and language content they had. We had a mixture of greetings, weather, body parts, rooms in the house and so much more from each year group. Some of the children sang, some read out poems they had written and some took part in a question and answer session with the whole school. I was amazed by the confidence they displayed and the enjoyment they had for learning and sharing languages and I was so proud to say I was the French coordinator. Thank you Diana for helping our school to develop confidence in planning, delivering and assessing French. Without you, this definitely wouldn't be possible! "

I can't express how proud I feel about this school and how grateful I am to be working with staff and pupils that have completely embraced the importance and enjoyment of learning a foreign language.

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