Home Schooling

The Language Magnet scheme of work is easily adaptable for home schooling. The lesson plans can be used by all home schoolers as they are specifically designed for non-specialists in foreign languages. The step-by-step guidance with language structures and grammar, along with the full audio support for pronunciation mean that parents can learn French or Spanish along with the children.


The fun and engaging Language Magnet resources fit perfectly with the presentations and the consistency

of language structures, visuals and grammar colour code all enhance the children's learning of the target language. As children progress through the modules, the constant recycling of previously learned language structures enable more effective learning and allow children to develop creative speaking and writing.


All the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are fully assessed throughout the course, with two skills being assessed at the end of each module. Pupils are also able to track their own progress and self-assess with the unique pupil trackers.

Personalised, one-to-one live video coaching is also available for home school parents, ensuring that parents are fully supported in applying the lesson plans and resources to their children's daily learning routines.

Home schooling parents do not need a multiple use licence if it is for single household use and can claim 10% discount on any module purchased from the Language Magnet shop. Simply enter the promotional code LMHS18 at the checkout to receive your discount. If you teach as part of a home school organisation to multiple classes then please email to check which licence you need.


           Remember to apply your Home Schooling Discount Code for any full French or Spanish module.