Free Resources for Teachers and Parents 

For free French and Spanish resources from the award-winning Language Magnet Programme, please complete the form.

Language Magnet is offering for free the first 6 lessons from Module 1, which includes 6 lesson plans, 12 PowerPoint presentations, including sound files, and activity sheets for each lesson. Other resources in the file include audio QR code vocabulary sheets, games, cards and quizzes.


The free Module 1 topics cover greetings, numbers 0-12, colours and saying your name and age.

The multi award winning Language Magnet Primary French and Spanish Courses for KS2 are available to purchase from the Language Magnet shop. Each course is composed of 12 modules for just £36 per module. Each module includes the module syllabus, 12 lesson plans, approximately 20 PowerPoints and a complete set of activity sheets and resources. Also included in each module are easy to use assessments, with assessment criteria, a skills check list, pupil monitoring and self-assessment sheets and a data collection system.

I hope you enjoy our free resources. They are for your own children or students only so please respect our programme and do not upload any part of these resources onto social media sites or any other website. Teachers, please only share the PowerPoints and activity resources on the platform that you are using to deliver lessons to your students. All copy rights are reserved to Language Magnet Ltd. Thank you.

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Language Magnet French
KS2 Module 1 (6 lessons)

Les Couleurs Activity Sheet

Language Magnet Spanish
KS2 Module 1 (6 lessons)

Los Colores Activity Sheet