French and Spanish Coaching
    for Primary Teachers

Why have MFL Coaching?

The difference between a good Scheme of Work and an exceptional Scheme of Work is the ability of the teacher to apply the programme to their own lessons. The Language Magnet programme is designed with this at the heart of the lesson plans, which are specifically written for primary school teachers that are non-specialists in foreign languages. However, for teachers to really develop their own foreign language skills and confidence with delivering an unfamiliar subject to their pupils, there is nothing better than bespoke language coaching, giving teachers control over their own professional development in foreign languages.

What is Language Magnet Coaching?

Language Magnet offers teachers the opportunity to meet with a foreign language specialist via video coaching. This

radical approach to CPD gives the teacher the maximum amount of professional support with the minimum amount of time out of the classroom, thus benefitting the pupils, the teacher and the school budget. It also empowers the teacher to choose their own 1 hour time slot, enabling them to keep control of their time, and allows the school budget holder to decide how much coaching they would like each member of staff to have. Consequently, this bespoke approach to MFL coaching meets

the specific requirements of each school and each member of staff, providing the very best value for money.

How does Video Coaching work?

Once the school MFL Coordinator has audited the language needs of each member of staff that will be delivering the Language Magnet programme, the school can decide how much coaching is required. For schools that have a high level of MFL competence amongst their staff, this may only be a minimal amount of coaching with the MFL Coordinator to ensure that the school is able to maximise the full potential of the programme. For other schools, all the teachers delivering MFL may need personal coaching with language structures, pronunciation, grammar, MFL delivery techniques and assessing foreign language skills.


Teachers can book their own coaching via the online booking page and choose their preferred time. When a coaching session

is booked, the teacher will receive an email confirming their booking and a link to the online coaching session.


How to Book Online Coaching
Schools that have a Service Level Agreement with Language Magnet Limited, will have an agreed number of hours of coaching for the year, so teachers will be able to book their coaching sessions directly via the online booking page without any concerns about payment. You will need to identify your name and school to avoid any payment requests.

If you are a home schooler, or a primary teacher who does not have a Service Level Agreement, but would like some coaching support with any aspect of the Language Magnet programme, then you can book directly using the online booking page and pay using the Paypal button.

If you would like more information about coaching packages to suit your school budget then please enter your details on the contact page and leave a message or use the contact details below.

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