Bonjour, buenos días, welcome to Language Magnet!


I have always been passionate about children learning foreign languages. 

My own language career began at 9 years old when I experienced my first French lesson at Primary School. From day one I loved it and the week couldn't go fast enough for my next lesson. My specialist teacher was fun and inspiring and I knew from an early age that I wanted to be able to speak French like her one day. In secondary school I got the opportunity to start learning Spanish, which had a lot of similarity to French, so I quickly fell in love with that too. With the arrival of a new language teacher to the school, a German club started up and, of course, I was the first one there! The club was fun and the language was different from French and Spanish. I enjoyed the challenge of decoding this new language and as a result went on to take exams in it along with French and Spanish.

I spent eight years in secondary school teaching, as well as five years as a Primary MFL specialist, building extensive experience in MFL teaching from year 1 right up to year 13. 

Prior to becoming a secondary school MFLteacher, I was a private language tutor, running adult evening classes and one to one lessons. It is the combination of all these teaching experiences that has given me a broad perspective on the teaching and learning of foreign languages for both children and adults.

I am also a qualified Life Coach, having a passion for self development and personal growth. It is the intersection of this unusual skill set of language teaching and life coaching that enables me to be an effective language coach for primary school teachers. I listen to and work carefully with each individual teacher to ensure that they are able to overcome any obstacle to learning and teaching a foreign language and I enable them to become comfortable with delivering such a specialist subject to their pupils. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment and my reward is watching the once nervous and fearful become confident and relaxed with their new-found skill.

One of my most rewarding joys is seeing the development of my passion,

ideas and creativity for languages turn into a comprehensive and effective programme for Primary Schools. The course, in both French and Spanish, is designed for the teachers I coach and I fully appreciate and understand the difficulties they face as many have never learned French or Spanish let alone taught them. I always kept those teachers in my mind as I wrote the session plans to ensure that the programme had a step by step approach, based on my belief that when presented in a fun and easy to learn fashion,

and with on-going support, any teacher can deliver effective foreign language lessons. The resources that I have developed are unique, fresh, fun and very engaging and the lessons are designed to entertain, engage

and teach the teachers as well as the pupils.